Processed materials

MPS 65

Our most economically conscientious product does not lack anything in terms of durability and endurance: this material possesses good resistance against light stresses and is particularly suitable for the production of roller coatings that are not subject to intense wear and tear. It shows signs of weakness in high temperature environments: its use within or in the vicinity of furnaces is discouraged.

Max service temperature: 65°C/149°F

BPS 65

A higher grade, more resistant counterpart to MPS 65: products made with BPS 65 are suitable for a vast range of uses within many industrial sectors thanks to the great properties against most physical and mechanical stress. Its use within high temperature environments such as furnaces and other similar machinery is not advised, as it shows a similar weakness to heat as the medium density plastic.

Max service temperature: 65°C/149°F

BPS 50

BPS 50 is a raw plastic blend granting great physical and mechanical properties, as well as being anti-tearing and invulnerable to medium-range thermal excursions. One of its most popular uses is in the manufacturing of sheaths for rollers in industrial plants, in particular all those which may be located in the vicinity of furnaces or other heat-producing machinery: this is because it can withstand higher temperatures than other plastics.

Max service temperature: 70°C/158°F

PVC + Neoprene

A high-performance plastic blend providing amazing anti-tear and abrasion resistance as well as heat resistance for temperatures upwards of 100°C (212°F) without triggering any adverse reactions, degrading the plastic, or altering its chemical composition. A reliable, efficient choice for sheaths, tubes and other plastic coatings which may be exposed to higher temperatures, this material is also appreciated in many other sectors.

Max service temperature: 105°C/221°F