Custom profiles

Our offices are located in Valsamoggia, in the province of Bologna: here, our highly skilled staff makes use of the best technology to offer not only high-quality products such as tubes and sheaths, available in the currently most requested sizes and measurements, but also a complete design service allowing you to receive custom made plastic pieces.

If your activity requires specific measurements or non-standard dimensions and you do not know whom to turn to receive a high-grade product and an all-encompassing client support service, Plastotec Sas is the solution: we employ only the best performing materials currently available, capable of withstanding all the necessary stresses and concretely optimize your production line. We also offer a pilot mold service to verify the quality, functionality, and compliance of the design.

To require further information or make a request, you may fill out the form found in this website or contact us by phone: our services are offered in the whole province, in Emilia-Romagna, and in the rest of the Italian territory.


Numerous ready-made designs;

Available in the following materials: MPS 65, BPS 65, BPS 50, Neoprene PVC;


Resistant to compression and abrasion;

Resistant to heat up to 120°C (248°F);

Available with anti acid coating;

Standard and custom colors available.



Interior design;

Sport and leisure time;

Industrial manufacturing line;

Raw material processing.


Sport equipment;

Interior furniture pieces;

Non-standard cable covering;

Engine components;

Objects and other camping equipment;

Glass working products;

Wood processing plants.