Our plastic and PVC products are suitable for an ample range of industrial and manufacturing purposes, as they possess great technical properties, good wear resistance and longevity even when interacting with atmospheric agents, heat, pressure, abrasion and tearing.

We are also at the Client’s disposal to design custom made pieces for all your necessities: profiles, sheats, gaskets, plastic tubes and many other high-quality products.

Here are just some of the possible uses for our manufactured products:

  • Ceramics industry;
  • Fishing poles and other equipment;
  • Furniture and other interior design elements;
  • Electrical cables and wiring;
  • Glass making industry;
  • Wood working tools and equipment;
  • Engine manufacturing and automotive industry;
  • Oil-dynamic and hydraulic systems;
  • Bicycle components;
  • Sports and other leisure activities equipment;
  • Agricultural equipment;

And much more. To receive more information or discover what our business can offer you, we invite you to fill out the appropriate form on this website or contact us by phone. Our offices are located in Valsamoggia: we work in the entire province of Bologna, as well as in the entire country.