PVC sheaths

Plastotec produces flexible sheaths in PVC material for numerous applications for businesses and industries in the province and region.

The sheaths, manufactured from high quality plastic blends, can resist to strong mechanical stresses such as tearing and wearing from abrasion and tension. Furthermore, based on the chosen materials, these products can be suitable for furnaces and industrial rollers up to a temperature of 195°C (221°F).

We offer a wide selection of diameters and standard lengths to choose from: we are also at the Client’s disposal to design custom products for specific uses.

You can request further information by calling or filling out the form; our company is located in Valsamoggia, Bologna. However, we do not only operate within the province and the region but, if requested by the Client, in all of Italy.


Anti-tearing and anti-abrasion;

Flexible and compressible;

Available in materials resistant to temperatures up to 120°C (248°F)

Standard internal diameters: 1mm to 55mm;

In compliance with CEI regulation 20-22/20-14;

Available in various colors, also personalized.


Automotive components and engine production;

Small to medium electrical appliances;




Production manufacturing lines.


Rollers coating of various sizes

Tubes for fuel and other fluids;

Sheaths and gaskets, available with anti-acid coating;

Nautical machinery and onboard equipment.