Plastics extrusion

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Flexible PVC tubes

The solid and durable choice for roller and wiring coatings.


Made according to the Customer’s specifications to suit any use.

Internal production

Compliance of materials

Custom-made solutions

For over 30 years, plastic components for industries

Flexible PVC tubes

These PVC tubes, available in spiral, corrugated or smooth finishes, can handle an ample variety of physical, mechanical, and chemical stresses: this is thanks to their special plastic composition. Also available in a wide range of dimensions, diameters, and widths.

PVC Sheaths

These are manufactured in our processing plant according to the Client’s specific requirements and the characteristics of their destined use: the sheaths are durable and self-extinguishing, while also being able of withstanding the harshest conditions.

Custom profiles

Our factory produces custom plastic profiles, extruded according to the specifics of our Clients. We are also fully equipped with all needed machinery to create pilot molds, to ensure the complete satisfaction of all the Client’s quality and functionality demands.

Processed materials

MPS 65

A material known for its ductility and ease of workability, used to coat industrial rollers that are not subject to high intensity chemical, physical or thermal stresses. Good and economically intelligent investment for normal use cases.

BPS 65

This material offers superior performances than its MPS 65 counterpart, being able to handle light to medium intensity physical and mechanical stress. It is very popular to produce roll covers, tubes, sheaths, and other products.

BPS 50

This plastic is ideal to manufacture tubes and pipes, sheaths, and profiles capable of withstanding medium-high temperatures: it is particularly popular to coat rolls positioned at the end of industrial ovens, for temperatures of up to 70°C (158°F).

PVC + Neoprene

Great physical properties, as well as resistance to abrasion and tearing, makes Neoprene PVC an excellent choice for industrial manufacturing plants, as it is able to withstand a variety of uses with no degradation and handle temperature ranges of up to 105° C (221°F).